ZiWU誌屋,言志之屋。艺术化的人文创意生态社区,激发创意灵感,将当代人生活环节与智识场景完美交织,可谓空间杂志(Space Zine)的概念。ZiWU是一本立体化时尚空间誌,集知识、时尚、艺术与生活方式等内容于一身;是一个能够被看到、听到、摸到和被感知的创意空间。
ZiWU, “a room for speaking wills,” is an artistic, literary, and ecological community that inspires creative thinking. It fuses contemporary life events with intellectual scenes, similar to the concept of Space Zine. ZiWU is a three-dimensional fashion space magazine that integrates knowledge, fashion, art, and lifestyle. It is a creative space that can be seen, heard, felt, and perceived.

誌屋上海ZiWU the Bund,为超媒体集团旗下数字平台立体化的全新空间,创建社交新领域,将文化艺术与数字媒体完美结合,聚合超媒体集团多个领域的资源。亦是连接过去、现在和未来,现实与虚拟之间的超媒体平台。建筑空间承袭海派传统石库门之魂,多元风格、 中西交融。誌屋上海ZiWU the Bund是数字媒体真实化的呈现,集社交互动、沉浸体验、艺术文创等功能于一体;一个打破时空界限、扩展视听通感、激发创意源泉的文化栖息地;是一个超越时空的共享空间。
ZiWU The Bund is a new three-dimensional space for digital platform of MetaMedia Group, which is aim at creating new social field, combining culture and art with digital media, and aggregating resources from multiple fields of MetaMedia Group. It is also a Metaverse platform connecting the past, present and future, reality and virtual. The architectural space inherits the soul of the traditional Shanghai Shikumen Style, and combines the Chinese and Western styles. ZiWU The Bund is a realistic presentation of digital media, integrating social interaction, immersive experience, art and cultural creation and other functions; A cultural habitat that breaks the boundaries of time and space, expands audio-visual synaesthesia and stimulates the source of creativity; It is a shared space that transcends time and space.

ZiWU誌屋北京空间坐落于顺义天竺保税区泰达科技园内。秉承艺术融入生活的观念, ZiWU誌屋北京将长期陈列国内外知名艺术家作品, 并和国际画廊、高端品牌合作定期举办艺术、时尚、设计类展览和活动,继续为这座城市建构可持续性和多元的文化艺术场域,为公众提供创意与灵感的室外桃源。
ZiWU Beijing is located in MAX Science and Technology Park in the Shunyi Tianzhu Free Trade Zone. Committed itself to integrate art into life, ZiWU Beijing will persist to display artworks by leading artists from china and abroad, and collaborate with international galleries and world-famous brands to bring diversified international exhibitions and events to its audience, dedicating to establishing a sustainable cultural field in urban life, as well as an ideal space where provides creativity and inspiration to the public.

携手米其林餐厅”大董”,艺厨让东与西相遇。相邻誌屋的艺厨Modern Art Kitchen的设计将延续“Into the media”的设计理念,餐厅可以是媒体空间,食物更是每日可寻的艺术。
Collaborating with Michelin star restaurant "DaDong,” Modern Art Kitchen connects the East and the West. Adjacent to ZiWU, Modern Art Kitchen will continue exploring the design concept of "Into the media." The restaurant can be used as a media space, its food an ordinary form of art.

岩彩画是古老而传统的东方绘画语言,起源于丝绸之路的龟兹石窟和敦煌石窟。超媒体集团为了传承这一属于东方的瑰丽文化,建立了岩彩画工作坊Modern Workshop,并配备了完整的岩彩画所需设备。
Rock painting is an ancient and traditional Eastern painting language, which originated in Kizil Caves and Mogao Caves on the ancient Silk Road. To inherit this magnificent Eastern culture, Meta Media Group has established the Modern Workshop, a workshop for rock paintings, with all equipment required for making complete rock paintings.

Modern Studio以“光、影、聚焦”为全新设计灵感,强调空间亦是媒体的概念,多角度立体呈现影像艺术。Modern Studio在空间一楼提供专业级暗房及摄影棚,完整体现影像的拍摄及制作过程;沿街三面落地橱窗展示影像装置、摄影作品及经典相机;位于二楼的展厅约为160㎡,配置专业展览设备,将持续展出影像艺术展览。影像被瞬间定格,又在瞬间凝为永恒。Modern Studio为你成像。
With "light, shadow, focus" as the new inspiration for design, Modern Studio emphasizes the concept of “space is also the media,” and presents three-dimensional video art from various perspectives. Modern Studio provides a professional-grade darkroom and a filming studio on the first floor, fully presenting the process of filming and production. The street-level, floor-to-ceiling windows on the three sides of the studio display film installations, photography works, and classic cameras. The gallery on the second floor has about 160 square meters, including professional exhibition equipment––this space will continue to host video-art exhibitions. Images are instantly framed and eternally still. Modern Studio frames images for you.

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